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Urgent! Medication needed for the pharmacy in Saoudé!

Poor people from the neighbouring area who cannot afford medication, come to the local parish pharmacy with their prescriptions and "pay" with a bowl of corn. The food they bring is given away to those who are in an even worse situation and apart from medicine cannot affor food, either (obviously the poorest of the poorest receive our medication free of any charge).

Last year, the basic medication for the local pharmacy was founded by Pope Francis, and we raised funds to buy the less common drugs (cardiac medications, pills against hypertension, antibiotics). The list we have been sent for the first half of 2017 contains 42 types of drugs: against malaria, painkillers, different antibiotics, anaesthetics, antifungal drugs, strroids, vitamins... The overall cost it 4.000 EUR.


Can we count on your help? Let's give those people the sense of security this year as well.

Here is where you can donate for the medicine:








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